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It's our mission to deliver high quality and cutting edge PD to teachers across the world in a convenient, affordable, and practical manner.  That's why we've made it our prerogative to distill all of the research, best practices, and truly modern instructional techniques into a modular online course that you can access anywhere, anytime, at the pace that's right for you.

Modern Mastery: The Cutting Edge

The strategies, practices, and fields described below below reflect  the content that's packed into our Modern Mastery online PD course.  Each of these modules is brimming with the most powerful, cutting edge, and popular practices in education.  Whether you're striving to meet specific professional goals, or you're simply looking to be the best educator you can be, Modern Mastery online PD promises to meet your needs.

Student Centered Instruction

Student Centered Instruction

This portion provides an in-depth exploration of tried and true student centered instructional strategies, all closely aligned with modern research on teaching and learning.  Whether you're searching for new practices to engage your students, to achieve the highest levels on your teacher evaluation rubric, or to simply evolve your craft, this focus area represents a shift into 21st century instructional design for veterans and rookies alike.

Brain Based Learning

Neuroscience & Student Engagement

With the advent of fMRI scans, we have literally been able to see through students' skulls and into their brains as they engage in learning tasks.  This segment of the course explores cutting edge neuroscience research as it pertains to  student engagement, motivation, and learning.  (This is, perhaps, the most important portion of the course that current day teacher preparation programs are still failing to provide new teachers!)

Game-Based Learning

Gamification & Game-Based Learning

Games are incredibly powerful motivators, and a growing body of research has shown that they can play a significant role in heightening student engagement, creating longer lasting understandings, and even fostering critical thinking.  This portion of the course explores both gamification and game-based learning as means for incentivizing students, for increasing engagement, and for deepening their learning.

Enhancing Teaching & Learning With Technology

This is the quintessential "ed tech" segment of the course.  Begin with an overview of what effective ed tech implementation looks like (e.g. purposeful and practical integration of digital tools), as well as a review of common ed tech frameworks, such as the SAMR model and the TPACK Framework.  Then, explore a variety digital tools that meet the needs of your classroom. Perfect for both 1:1 and BYO learning environments.

Modern Mastery: There's More To It

Wondering what kinds of modern pedagogy we'll be diving into?  Look no further.  Modern Mastery PD explores a variety of trending, popular, and powerful topics in the current educational landscape.  Each of these strategies and topics are embedded throughout the Modern Mastery online PD course.

Problem Based & Project Based Learning

Explore the differences between Problem-Based and Project-Based learning, and learn how both can be used to foster a culture of inquiry and critical thinking in your classroom.

Student Motivation & Classroom Management

Borrow from current research in psychology, motivation, and neuroscience to gain a better understanding of what makes your kiddos tick -- with strategies to boot.

Personalized Learning & Differentiated Instruction

We've recognized the power of differentiated instruction for years, but the advent of new technologies has heralded in the age of personalization.  Packed with tools and practical strategies.

Time Hacking & Productivity For Teachers

Teachers are notoriously pressed for time.  So many papers to grade, such little time.  These "time hacks" promise to boost your productivity, and to help you reclaim countless hours.

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