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Our Mission.  (What we're all about.)

PD, at its highest levels, is out of reach for 99% of educators.  Why?  Because tuition rates are through the roof, high quality conferences require expensive registration, travel, and housing costs, and the vast majority of professional development offerings are still pretty archaic in nature.  It's easy to spend thousands of dollars to attend a conference, only to find that you're being spoon-fed the same old stuff you're already well versed in.

To make matters worse, the breakthroughs in teaching, learning, cognitive neuroscience, and technology have been absolutely staggering in recent years.  There is more to learn now than EVER before, and yet access to these cutting edge resources have frustratingly limited.  Until now.

It's our mission to deliver cutting edge PD to teachers across the world in a convenient, affordable, and practical manner.  You shouldn't have to pay $3,000, and travel 3,000 miles, just for ONE PERSON to access quality PD.  That's why we've made it our prerogative to distill all of the research, best practices, and truly modern instructional techniques into modular online learning experiences that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, at a pace that makes sense.

We know that the single most important factor in student achievement is teacher efficacy.  We know that the stuff we've carefully curated and packed into our PD is enough to have a transformational impact on new and veteran teachers alike.  And we know that one rockstar teacher can impact the course of thousands of children's lives.  That's why we're here -- and, we know, that's why you're here, too.

The Modern Mastery PD Series

  • Modern Mastery
  • Core Course Content
  • Wait - There's More!

The Modern Mastery PD suite was designed specifically to empower teachers with the most recent breakthroughs in educational research.  We've curated and distilled the research, best practices, and tools to ensure that each portion of the course is highly relevant, comprehensive, and practical.

New and veteran teachers alike will be empowered to pursue their professional learning goals, personal interests, and needs.  Modern Mastery PD can be used to support PLCs, teacher leaders, school administrators, and any educator who is eager to be at the cutting edge.

For a quick glimpse into the individual courses that are offered in our Modern Mastery PD course, peruse the tabs above.  For a closer look at our courses curriculum, click here.

Know Your Roots.

Our journey began in 2014 when our parent company, TeachArgument, first came to life. We have since served thousands of educators with world class instructional resources, including lesson plans, curriculum, and professional development opportunities.  

We've also been able to give hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of resources back to the brilliant educators who are truly responsible for molding the young minds that will soon be running the world.

Check out TeachArgument.com to learn more about our roots.

Our Reputation Precedes Us

Let us get you up to speed.

Whether you're a new teacher looking to expand your repertoire with the latest and greatest that educational research has to offer, or you're a seasoned veteran striving to bring new life to your craft, you've come to the right place.  Our world class professional development offerings are in a league of their own.  So what are you waiting for?  Let us help you level up!

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