Course Descriptions

Student Centered Instruction

  • Purpose
  • Description
  • Syllabus

During this course, we will:

  • Define “student centered learning”
  • Review current research on student centered instruction
  • View and compare lessons (in VR)
  • Utilizing modern evaluation frameworks to organize our exploration of student centered learning across all elements of teaching and learning:
    • Planning and Preparation
    • Classroom Environment
    • Instruction
    • Professional Responsibilities
  • Planning & Preparation: Practices and strategies
  • Classroom Environment: Practices and strategies
  • Instruction: Practices and strategies
  • Professional Responsibilities: Practices and strategies
  • Authentic task: view this lesson, and act as an instructional coach. Target student centered learning practices.  What do you tell the teacher? What recommendations do you make? Etc. (There could be a template that’s filled out to do this activity, and completed exemplar of this to view as well.)
  • Authentic task, domain 3 / INSTRUCTION: Find an old teacher centered lesson plan, and transform it into something student centered.  Include a before and after.
  • Authentic task: Domains 1, 2, or 4: Select a student centered practice or routine that isn’t already in place, and develop it in a manner that’s customized for your classroom.  If you want a trampoline for this activity, find three customizable templates attached … (1) Communicating with parents, emails activity; (2) … (3) … (Do these belong here, or should this culminate with “Student Centered Learning Toolkit.”