The Best Way to Ensure Your New Teachers Are Ready for Success!

Easily ensure that ALL of your new teachers are equipped with the instructional skills they need to succeed, regardless of when in the school year they're hired.

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Training your newest staff members is essential. But it's often time-consuming and ineffective.

New teacher training protocols are almost always cumbersome for both presenters and participants. They have historically been crammed into a few days at the start of the school year, all in hopes of giving the neediest teachers everything they need to be successful for the year ahead in a "crash course."

And it's never effective.  As an educator, you already know why.

There isn't enough time to sharpen new teachers' instructional skills while simultaneously explaining the basics of life in your school building... and, there isn't enough time for new teachers digest all of the crucial information that is invariably crammed into the span of a single day.  

There's no way to track whether new teachers "get it" until months later, when they're being observed for the first time.  It's right around November when you realize Mr. Smith still doesn't understand the difference between formative and summative assessment.

It's impossible to replicate, so every teacher that's  hired after your "new teacher orientation" days misses the boat.  They're on their own, even though they're likely to need support the most.

All of this is made even more frustrating by the fact that, above else, we are educators.  Failing to set new teachers up for success does everyone a disservice: the kids, the community, and the staff.

Introducing TeacherFuel's

New Teacher Learning Platform

TeacherFuel's New Teacher Learning Platform enables you to offer self-paced training to your new staff members anytime, anywhere.  The modules are designed to equip new teachers with everything they need to know to flourish in the classroom -- from the basics of formative assessment and meaningful feedback, to the nuances of student-centered instruction, student motivation, and teaching with technology.  

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

As soon as we process your PO, you'll be able to give your teachers access to TeacherFuel using an administrative dashboard.  They'll be able to jump right into their coursework, and can revisit it anytime.

Anytime, anywhere.

Hire staff in June?  Give them access to TeacherFuel and they'll have all summer to jumpstart their new teacher training!

Hire staff in January?  Not a problem.  They'll be able to access the same critical coursework on a timeline that makes sense of their situation.

Modern Pedagogy.

Our New Teacher Learning coursework begins with the basics of assessment, feedback, and classroom management, but that's only the beginning.

Subsequent course modules discuss the neuroscience of learning, problem and project-based learning, best practices for teaching with technology, and more.

Track Progress.

You'll have access to an admin dashboard that allows you to invite new teachers and track their progress throughout the year.

It's that easy.

About TeacherFuel

TeacherFuel is the professional development arm of Teach Argument LLC.  We have been helping teachers to engage their students since 2014, primarily through high quality PD and the development of super-engaging, relevant, and memorable lessons, games, and resources.

Our resources are being used in over 6,000 schools, in over 30 countries -- trusted by tens of thousands of educators around the world.

Teachers Love Our Features.

Jeremy D.


Already seeing results

My teachers have really appreciated being able to take the classes at any time.  We are already seeing results.

Barbara P.

Director of HR

So easy to use

This has been so easy to use. Everything is completely aligned with our goals and objectives.  It feels like you built this just for us.

Josie M. 


Surprisingly delightful

The parts on neuroscience changed the way I think about how I manage my classroom. Surprisingly delightful.

New Teacher Learning Modules

Here's exactly what your new teachers will learn:


Module 1: New Teacher Toolkit

First things first.  What's the difference between formative and summative assessment, and what purpose should either serve in the classroom?  What makes feedback meaningful? What are some of the most tried and true classroom management practices?  How can data be used to inform instruction?  All of this, and more, to ensure that your new teachers have a strong foundation for success.


Module 2: Neuroscience of Learning

With the advent of fMRI scans, we have literally been able to peer into their brains as they engage in learning tasks.  This segment of the course explores cutting edge neuroscience research as it pertains to  student engagement, motivation, and learning.  (This is, perhaps, the most important portion of the course that current day teacher preparation programs are still failing to provide new teachers!)


Module 3: Student-Centered Instruction

An in-depth exploration of tried and true student centered instructional strategies, all closely aligned with modern research on teaching and learning.  This module promises to equip teachers with new practices to engage students, and to achieve at the highest levels on the most popularly used teacher evaluation rubrics.  


Module 4: Game-Based Learning & Student Motivation

Games are incredibly powerful motivators, and a growing body of research has shown that they can play a significant role in heightening student engagement, creating longer lasting understandings, and even fostering critical thinking.  This portion of the course explores both gamification and game-based learning as means for better understanding student motivation, for increasing engagement, and for deepening learning.


Module 5: Teaching With Technology

This module begins with an overview of what effective ed tech implementation looks like (e.g. purposeful and practical integration of digital tools), as well as a review of common ed tech frameworks, such as the SAMR model and the TPACK Framework.  Then, teachers will have the chance to explore a variety digital tools that meet the needs of your classroom. Perfect for both 1:1 and BYO learning environments.


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Request a quote now, and we'll include a free downloadable copy of Jay Meadows' Time Hacking for Teachers: The Ultimate Handbook for Increased Productivity.  

We know that time is a precious resources that we can't get enough of -- but Time Hacking for Teachers offers a treasure trove of tips and tricks for increasing productivity in the classroom.  

Help your teachers to work smarter!

Don't just help your new teachers survive.  

Help them THRIVE.

For a fraction of the cost of attending an educational conference, you can provide high quality training for every new teacher in your district.  

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You missed out!


Simple, timely, and effective PD for your new teachers.




  • Access for every new teacher in your district
  • Access to all five comprehensive PD modules
  • Access to administrator dashboard
  • Ready to launch, out of the box!



Custom learning solutions for your district




  • Access for every new teacher in your district
  • Access to all five comprehensive PD modules
  • Access to administrator dashboard
  • Ready to launch, out of the box!
  • Add your own required course!


How does the "custom" plan work?

If you purchase the "Custom" plan, you'll be able to add your own custom course to new teachers' required learning.  This is a great way to personalize the coursework, and to add any additional required training into new teachers' learning sequence!

You'll be asked to fill out a simple document that serves as a course template.  This template will ask you to include all of the text that you'd like to appear in your custom course, as well as all of the YouTube video links that will be embedded throughout.  The primary benefit of offering a course to new teachers in this fashion is that you'll be able to verify that the course module has been completed -- not something you can do with YouTube alone.

After you give your course a name (e.g. "Welcome New Smithfield Teachers!"),  you'll be able to add up to 10 "lessons" (e.g. "Introduction to the building" / "How to navigate our student information system" / "Meet the administrative team!" etc.) full of text and video.  Once we receive your completed course template, our team will build your virtual course for you.  You'll be able to deliver your content, your way.

Note that the "Custom" plan entitles you to one custom course, and two revisions to your course throughout the year.  Additional custom courses can be added to your registration when you request your quote!

How long does this take to set up?

Minutes!  Once we receive a scanned copy of your PO, our team will activate your account.  From the admin dashboard, inviting your teachers is a matter of typing their email addresses into a text field.  It really is that easy.

How does progress monitoring work?

From the admin dashboard, you can easily select individual teachers and review how many course modules they have completed.  You'll be able to tell what percentage of the coursework teachers have finished at a glance!