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Why Teacher Fuel's online PD is a Game Changer

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    Teacher Fuel's online coursework is designed to bring teachers' understandings of teaching and learning to the forefront of educational research.  Whether you're a veteran teacher or you're fresh out of teacher-school, this course will bring you to the cutting edge of pedagogy. 
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    One of the most significant shortcomings that great teachers recognize is prevalent in our profession is a lack of understanding with regard to how the brain works.  Modern Mastery PD addresses these gaps; you'll unpack the neuroscience of student engagement before applying these principles to modern teaching practices.
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    English teachers are always on the look out for great professional development that speaks to the work they do in the classroom.  The primary focus areas of Modern Mastery PD speak directly to this work -- ranging from student centered instruction to the neuroscience engagement, from game-based learning to ed tech!
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    The truth is, hunting down high quality professional development is time consuming.  Attending a conference is always hit or miss.  And the costs of registration and travel just keep going up.  Modern Mastery PD delivers carefully curated content at your pace, so you're sure to get the PD you need at just a fraction of the cost.

What is Modern Mastery PD Comprised Of?

Four Comprehensive Video Courses rolled into one glorious PD experience

Student Centered Learning

Duration: 108 minutes

Five course modules that unpack practical strategies for implementing student-centered learning in your classroom.

The Neuroscience of Student Engagement

Duration: 105 minutes

Six modules that will completely transform the way you think about teaching and learning.  This is the future of pedagogy.

Game-Based Learning Practices

Duration: 102 minutes

Five course modules that take a deep dive into game-based learning, gamification, and student motivation.

Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Technology

Duration: 15 minutes + individualized practice

Begin with a crash course in #edtech integration models before exploring the digital tools that best meet your needs.

About TeacherFuel

Our journey began in 2014 when our parent company, TeachArgument, first came to life. We have since served thousands of educators with world class instructional resources, including lesson plans, curriculum, and professional development opportunities.  

We've also been able to give hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of resources back to the brilliant educators who are truly responsible for molding the young minds that will soon be running the world. 

How will you expand your repertoire?

You'll learn more about problem- and project-based learning.  The inquiry based pedagogies known for fostering deep learning and critical thinking will be at your fingertips.  PBL is as student-centered as it gets!

Revamp your understanding of student motivation and classroom management with understandings gleaned from neuroscientific research, as well as practical game-based interventions.

These days, we hear a lot about personalized learning and differentiated instruction, but how can you practically personalize instruction for every child without making your head explode?  We're here to help!

What Teachers Are Saying...

Grow your practice, whether you're in your first year or a veteran.

“I have been so pleased, impressed, and have grown so much as a teacher from this resource that I plan on upgrading next year.  I have used the resources this year to great success! Thanks so much for providing it!”

Sheila Barney - North Carolina

Enjoy all of the benefits of an online learning experience.

“Honestly, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from an online course, but your modules really hit the mark.  The content gets right to the point, the strategies are practical, and the flexibility makes sense for my schedule.  I will be spreading the word!”

Ciara Polk - Oregon

Transformative professional learning at a fraction of the cost.

“I just finished the neuro portion of the course and I'm astounded that information isn't being shouted from the mountaintops.  This course has already made me a better teacher.   Thank you so much for the resources.”

Jeremy James - New Jersey

Is Modern Mastery PD Right For You?

Be sure that Modern Mastery PD is a good fit for your needs.  Truth be told, it isn't for everyone.

Who is Modern Mastery PD for

  • If you enjoy professional learning, high quality national conferences, and great PD...
  • If you are eager to be on "the cutting edge" with regard to teaching and learning...
  • If you have a growth mindset, and are looking forward to trying new strategies with your kids...
  • If you're excited about the prospect of learning in an online environment, at your own pace, on the topics that matter most to you...

Who iS It not for

  • If you're turned off by the notion of doing things differently in your classroom...
  • If you don't have 20 to 30 minutes per week to devote to professional growth...
  • If you don't believe that every child can learn and succeed in your classroom...
  • If you feel like you require the structures of an in-person learning experience, rather than the flexibility of an online course...
Transform your classroom practice.

What's worse than paying for registration, travel, and lodging, only to walk into a professional development experience that fails to meet your expectations?  

Modern Mastery PD was literally built, from the ground up, to save you from this experience.  We're confident that our coursework will empower your classroom presence, expand your repertoire, and  transform your practice -- and, if you're dissatisfied for any reason as you begin our coursework, within the first seven days of your registration, we're happy to provide a full refund, no questions asked.

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